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Section 05 70 00                                               Decorative Metal



What type of stainless steel is used (type 304?)

-       Stainless steel Sheet – Decoration Surface Finish  – Type 304, glass 1.


What is the sheet thickness?

-       Stainless steel Sheet- 1.5mm thickness – PVC 2 Coat protect.


Which standards control the product (ASTM / BS?) and which tests are used?

-       CNS 8499- 05

-       TEST: please refer to INSPECTION CERTIFICATE attached.



What is the coating system details, thicknesses, tests, etc?

-       PVD TITANIUM NITRIDE COATING, properties please refer to attached.

Thickness: 0.3μm~0.5μm


-       AFP Nano Coating, properties please refer to attached.

Thickness: 0.5μm~0.8μm


What are the fabrication tolerances?

-       Depending on the length of products, Fabrication tolerances = Length / 1000.



Size of SS decoration SHEET:

-       Standard size is: 4.0’ x 8.0’ (1219 mm x 2438mm)

The width standard of the sheet is fixed by: 1,219mm

The length of sheet can be reached to: 4,000 mm


Special finish surface:

-       AFP: ANTI-FINGERPRINT NANO SURFACE COATING, properties please refer to attached.


For your convenience reference please visit our website:

-       Http:

-       Http:




Tiêu chuẩn inox?

-       Tấm Inox trang trí – tiêu chuẩn 304, loại 1.